Christto and Andrew

interview christto and andrew 2014INTERVIEW // Awarded for the Foam Talent 2014, Christto Sanz & Andrew Weir sign the photo on the cover of the magazine and the exhibition poster. Meeting with this contemporary photographer duo whose the imagery deals with a dramatic vision through vivid colours. 

  • You are featured in the Foam Magazine Talent Issue of 2014 and you signed the photo on the cover of the magazine. How did your collaboration with the Foam Magazine be born ?

Christto and Andrew : Well, the talent issue starts with an annual open call and it is then when we decided to apply for it. We were surprised at how many submissions they receives this year and it is a great honor to have been chosen as one of this year’s Talents. 

  • How did your series “Liquid Portraits” (2014) start in the first place ? Is there a link with the Qatari society in your work ?

Christto and Andrew : We started “Liquid Portraits” in at the end of 2012 after our first solo exhibition as we were inspired to create a project that was more interesting and reflected more profound and deep subject matters. We had some crazy ideas and were interested to create a contemporary portrait of Qatar’s society however we changed that idea somewhat and it has become a project that talks about many themes not only as a project based on Qatar but more as a dialogue. Living in Qatar has changed our perceptions in many ways and this too has been a factor in producing “Liquid Portraits“. The project aims to highlight our experience and understanding of Qatar and constructs a contemporary portrait of Qatar’s actual situation exaggerated with colors and composition.

  • You have ever used blue as backdrop, a deeper sky-blue, in your previous series called “Unparalleled Objectives” (2012). What does the blue colour symbolize for yourselves ?

Christto and Andrew : For us its a manipulation of the real sky which directly emphasizes the way we as a duo would like to reflect upon the various different themes that are explored within each image. It highlights the superficiality of our current society and to which  extent we have become a mere simulation of events.The blue sky is limitless and encompasses a certain aspect of infinity reflecting on anxiety or anticipation of our understandings of the order of society.

  • Does portraying an eviscerated fish or some burning flowers express a metaphor of human fate ? 

Christto and Andrew : It may encompass that idea however it really speaks about a certain time in history and a specific situation that we find ourselves in as artists in Qatar. We would like to present certain ideas with the burning flowers we would like to present a image that has aesthetically beautiful imagery yet at the same time present something that provokes sadness or fear and at the end of the shows to which extent our society is simulated. The fish is specific to the pearl and fishing industries in Qatar’s history.  

  • In this connection, Qatar is said to be the new square of contemporary art. What is your opinion about and where do you stand in this idea ?

Christto and Andrew : We think the dynamics of being a ‘new square of contemporary art’ is changing and that it is hard to have a strong positions regarding the dynamic world we live in. Things change on a daily basis. We think it is great however Qatar has a really ambitious agenda when it comes to that. //

Christto & Andrew //

Christto and Andrew